The bank checks BIK without our consent. Is it currently exceeding its powers?

Unfortunately, it does not exceed its powers. The bank may check our credit history at any time without our consent in BIK, but under certain conditions. This is not unlimited competence. It is regulated by the banking law. The provision provides banks with the option of downloading information about us whenever it is necessary to carry out banking activities.

BIK causes negative feelings especially among people who have something behind their skin. Because in BIK we can get information about our credit history, both bad and good. Thanks to the positive assessment in BIK, it will be easier for us to receive a loan, so not everyone has to be afraid that the bank will look there without our knowledge and consent.

In addition, once every six months we can submit an application for a free, basic report ourselves and then no situation will surprise us. However, this issue still bothers many.


Can the bank actually check us in BIK behind our backs and without our consent?

Can the bank actually check us in BIK behind our backs and without our consent?

It even happened once that the client received compensation for unjustified checking in the BIK by the bank. In this case, it was the bank employee who made the mistake. Also, when we are certain that we have not submitted a loan application in any bank, and yet the bank has downloaded the BIK report regarding our person, we should ask that bank for clarification. It follows that the bank has unlimited possibilities to use BIK reports.


Is the bank able to check us in BIK only when applying for a loan?

Is the bank able to check us in BIK only when applying for a loan?

Not only. There are several such situations. One of them is, for example, a complaint submitted by a bank customer regarding false information about us sent by the bank to BIK. However, the bank does not always have to ask for a full report. In matters relating to complaints or other banking activities, sometimes a so-called monitoring inquiry is sufficient.

On its basis, the bank will receive all the information it is interested in and does not need our consent.

That is why it is sometimes worth asking for a free basic report to BIK. There we have all monitoring and credit inquiries listed. We can easily understand the frequency with which the bank was interested in our person and whether this interest was justified each time.

Unless we need to consent to a monitoring inquiry, our consent is necessary for a credit inquiry. Without it, the bank cannot make any move towards BIK.

So, if in a given period we are sure that we did not submit a loan application and we did not sign the consent for verification in BIK and the report contains such a question, we should clarify the matter as soon as possible, because in the future it may prove to be quite a hindrance to obtaining a loan. Some time ago, this happened to one of the clients.

In his case, a mistake was made by a bank employee who instead of asking for a monitoring inquiry asked for a credit inquiry and the loan in question amounted to one dollar. After some time, quite a lot of interest grew from this dollar, it was large enough that no bank wanted to grant him a loan.

It took him quite a long time to discover who had made the mistake at what point in time. Let’s say it clearly and clearly! When applying for a loan, in each case the bank absolutely needs our consent to check the BIK .


There was no loan application and the credit inquiry was in the report

credit loan

What in that case? This phenomenon usually occurs due to a bank employee error. It is often enough that the client only asks about the possibility of taking a loan, and a bank employee in these shoots sends a credit inquiry to BIK without our consent. Doing so is against the law. We cannot allow them.

And how to avoid such situations? By checking the BIK report from time to time.

And in fact, in what case can such a question on the part of the bank harm us? We certainly know that BIK issues the so-called scoring assessment, which is made up of many factors. The higher this rating, the better the chance for a good loan. And the more credit applications we have registered, the lower our creditworthiness.

That’s why we should watch who and when asked about our case to BIK. If we did not apply for a loan and the report contains such a question, we should explain it as soon as possible. The more that we already know that without our consent the bank is not entitled to make such a question on its own.

And any such unnecessary query reduces our chances of a good loan.


Let’s check our credit history ourselves

credit history

Especially since once every 6 months we can do it completely free of charge. Once in a while, we can also afford to use a paid report, which is more detailed and definitely more extensive. However, probably the fastest option will be the sms option.

As soon as a question about us appears in BIK, we will receive an SMS notification about this fact almost at the same time.

In sum. At any time, the bank may send to BIK a query related to our person, but only monitoring. However, he must always have our consent to the credit inquiry. Also, let’s check our report in BIK , from time to time, even when we don’t have credit plans in our plans. It’s free and we are sure that the one who should not be interested in us.