Loans for 3 months or 90 days completely online

To obtain a loan for 90 days or 3 months, we can use both the offers of companies providing long-term loans as well as popular payday loans with an extension of repayment.

In yesterday’s article, I introduced you to companies in which borrowing a payday for 60 days will be the cheapest one. However, it turns out that some people can not pay their debts even within these two months. Thinking about them today, I will review the offers of payday loans and loans with a total period of 3 months, or 90 days.

While in this article in which I checked for two months with a 60-day repayment period in the amount of PLN 500, today I will slightly increase this limit and check the loans for 3 months, in the amount of PLN 1,000. One drawback is the fact that not all companies offering payday loans (or actually just a few of them) provide such high amounts on the first loan taken. That’s why I will have to find those that have this option.

But let me start with a company that does not give any payday loans and is known for loans with a long repayment period. I am talking about a Prominentt who has been offering loans with a monthly repayment period not so long ago. Thanks to this we are no longer doomed to the popular “weekly” which until now was the main domain of Prominentt. We have the option of using a loan with installments such as in banks, ie monthly.

Available loans for 3 months or 90 days

Available loans for 3 months or 90 days

To calculate the cost of a loan in the amount of PLN 1000 with a repayment period of three months, I used the Prominentt calculator available on their website. The total cost amounted to PLN 1 241.45 and monthly installment PLN 413,90 and it is a calculation made in the Transfer option. It is therefore the cheapest non-bank loan for such an amount and with the repayment period I have found. I wanted to check what the cost of such a loan will be in their twin online Hapi Loans, but the website was temporary not available.

Among other companies providing long-term loans via the Internet, I found such an offer in CashMo, which unfortunately does not state the exact costs of the loan, and in Incredit. In this company, the total cost of the loan was over PLN 100 higher than in the Prominent. Monthly installment will amount to exactly 450 PLN and the total cost of the loan is 1350 PLN. Of course, it should be added that the waiting time for a loan will be much faster in this case than in the Prominentcie. All formalities in this case, we’ll deal with without tearing away from the computer desk. In order to obtain a loan in Incredit, as in temporary companies, we will need a bank account from which we will have to transfer the verification fee.

And what are the costs of the loan for 3 months, in the case of companies providing payday loans? You should start with which companies give such high amounts at the first loan and have the option of extending the repayment date. Such a possibility can be found in other lenders company.

Of these, the cheapest loan will be provided by Vivus. We will not incur any costs for the first 30 days (option only for new customers). For extending the repayment period: 2 x 190 PLN = 380 PLN. In total, therefore, we will have 1380 zlotys to repay. In other companies, it will only be more expensive and, for example, in Netcredit, you will have to pay a total of PLN 1,600 for the same loan.